Ma tête à couper
Maya Rochat & Jeremy Schorderet
published by


Ma tête à couper
Artist book, 48p, soft cover, 26 x 36 cm,
B&W and colour Risoprint.
With photographs, collages and texts by Maya Rochat.
French/English /German. First edition 2011.
250 copies. Printed by Ditto Press.
Hard Copy #13. Collection
editor: Delphine Bedel.
Design editor: Barbara Fedier.
Publishers: Geneva University of Art and
Design, Monospace Press, Amsterdam.
ISBN: 978-2-9700713-0-3.
Copyright: Maya Rochat, HEAD- Geneva 2011.
All rights reserved.

Jeremy Schoederet for the Gestaltung
for initiating the book project - Delphine Bedel, Barbara Fedier
Geneva University of Art and Design / Work.Master

Thierry Rochat, Otis Bergemann, Fred Kittel, Nicolas Haeni, Sophie
Brasey, Orianne Zanone, Thomas Koenig, Yousef, Lia Kauhs, Liliana
Gassiot, Diane Schaefer, Pernelle Rochat, Pierre Leguillon, Hervé
Laurent, Claire de Ribaudpierre, Cédric de Chasse